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ElevateYou was founded on one basic principle: Build a healthy work/life balance and the rest will follow. Our online education platform highlights creative trades and courses to achieve success…not just professionally, but, above all, personally. Our foundation is built by educators and experts from all over the world, representing different cultures and communities, who give you the tools and trade secrets to learn new skills, grow current strengths, and kick some major ass all across the board. Because when you elevate you, you not only better yourself—you better your business and the community around you, too.

What We Offer


Courses to Elevate your business

Starting a new business? Growing a current business? We have courses to assist you in understanding and developing new skills and theories geared on growing your career in the creative field.


Webinars to promote positive habits

The power is in the balance. Empower yourself with mindful practices brought to you by experts in the health community, and speakers from various trades, then watch as it seamlessly melds to your professional journey.


An Inclusive Community of Creatives

Because who doesn’t love to be surrounded by a solid foundation of like-minded individuals? Share your successes, discover new connections, and build your business base with our creative culture promoting growth.

Blogs to ElevateYou.

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